Webcast - Building an Effective ICS Security Program

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Webcast - Building an Effective ICS Security Program

As attackers focus more on environments that directly impact operations and revenue generation, industrial control systems (ICS) and manufacturing systems are prime targets.

In this webcast, Protiviti will discuss best practices in developing a cybersecurity governance structure in operational technology (OT) environments to increase visibility, maximize return on security investments, deter attackers, and better align IT and OT goals. Our subject matter experts will showcase successful ICS governance frameworks and approaches, discuss how investment priorities differ based on the organization’s maturity and industry, and provide strategies for assessing ICS security program maturity.

Following this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Articulate unique risks associated with operational technology environments
  • Leverage tips and tricks on how to engage OT teams for strategic technology alignment
  • Identify proven cybersecurity governance structures for managing ICS
  • Apply industry insight into how mature teams gain visibility into air gapped environments


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Terry Jost
Managing Director, Global Managed Security Services
Terry has over 25 years of experience in senior leadership and advisory roles relating to cybersecurity, transformative digital solutions, business strategy services and mitigating business risks. He advises and consults with senior business leaders and board members, providing guidance for transforming their cyber security governance and operations to effectively manage persistent and sophisticated cyber threats and provide cyber resiliency strategies to protect critical business functions and data. By adopting a cyber secure business agenda, companies remain lean and agile and accelerate market growth when embracing emerging technologies.

Justin Turner
Associate Director
Justin is an Associate Director in the Security and Privacy practice at Protiviti, specializing in Energy and Utilities cybersecurity solutions. He has been with Protiviti 9 years, assisting clients of various sizes across multiple industries. As one of Protiviti’s firm-wide experts in Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Operational Technology (OT), and SCADA Cybersecurity, Justin has assisted clients in ICS/SCADA Security Assessments, as well as design and implementation of governance and controls supporting enterprise-wide ICS/SCADA cybersecurity programs. Justin’s other professional focus areas include Security Program Design and Implementation, Security Framework Assessments, Data Privacy / Data Protection, and Vulnerability Management and Remediation.

Derek Dunkel-JahanTigh
Derek has nearly 10 years of experience in IT Security & Risk Management, working across multiple security domains for clients of all sizes and industries. As a consultant, he has delivered client solutions focused on data protection strategies, security program assessment, technical security reviews, vulnerability remediation, cyber resilience, patch management, SCADA security and developing security metrics. Derek is certified through SANS for ICS security (GISCP) and has worked with companies on assessing, building, and designing secure ICS solutions that align IT and OT interests.

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