Strategic Use of Email in Internal Investigations - Webcast

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Strategic Use of Email in Internal Investigations - Webcast

As part of its internal investigations webinar series, Protiviti is pleased to offer, in partnership with Morrison & Foerster and Robert Half Legal, a webinar focused on email investigations. 

The examination of email, attachments and other electronic records is inescapable in internal investigations. And yet, the volume of email stored on a company’s network is typically measuring in terabytes. The potential scale of an email review and the potential for incurring costs in the millions of dollars with nothing to show for it can be a significant obstacle that lessens the likelihood that an internal investigation will be successful. But if you forgo the review of email risks, regulators, law enforcement and even your own accounting firm will conclude that your investigative approach was deficient – and they’re not wrong. 

This webinar is intended to provide practical advice on the use of email in internal investigations and to provide strategies, tips and other guidance to assist companies in conducting email investigations that are responsive to the respective allegations while avoiding some of the pitfalls that cause investigative costs to mushroom out of control. 

During this event, we will address: 

  • Recent regulatory developments and the legal considerations of email investigations overseas
  • Challenges in large-volume investigations
  • Investigative strategies and tactics
  • Using technology as a facilitator
  • Questions in approaching the investigation

Original Webinar Details

Date: 15 November, 2019

Time: 12 pm to 1:30 pm


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