The Protiviti Risk Index™

The Protiviti Risk Index™

“By equipping companies with a more comprehensive, comprehensible and actionable snapshot of their organizations’ risk management progress, risk indices can help risk officers, board members and shareholders become more confident that they understand the business’ risk profile – and whether risk levels are rising or falling.”



Traditional methods of risk measurement tend to generate information that is difficult to aggregate and interpret across multiple types of risks, lines of business and geographies. In addition, traditional risk reporting lacks transparency into underlying data and does not allow for actionable management.

The Protiviti Risk Index™ offers an innovative approach to risk reporting, by combining an effective, efficient, and customized risk management tool with leading data visualization technology.



Protiviti’s conversations with Board members and executives of leading financial firms across the globe have frequently come back to three simple questions:

  1. Am I riskier today than I was yesterday?
  2. Am I going into a riskier time?
  3. What are the underlying causes?



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