PreView Volume 2, Issue 1

PreView Volume 2, Issue 1


As organizations continue to evolve their risk governance practices, focused and relevant information about emerging risks is at a premium. The objective of Protiviti’s PreView newsletter is to provide an input for these efforts as companies focus on risks that are developing in the market. Many of these risks are posed by the convergence of data availability and analytics with the accelerating impact of technology, affecting virtually every business model in terms of fulfilling customers’ needs. This, coupled with shrinking wages and income, is becoming a powerful driver of consumer behavior in a collaborative, on-demand economy, particularly for millennials.

In this issue, we place the spotlight on economic and technological risks in parallel with generational shifts, to help companies anticipate the challenges that come with new opportunities. The topics include risks from an upward interest rate market, data breach vulnerabilities in the information age, reputational risk associated with social media interactions with consumers, and the economic implications of on-demand services. We continue our Shadow Banking series with a focus on crowdfunding.

Our framework for evaluation is rooted in the Global Risk Categories designed by the World Economic Forum. Throughout this series, we will continue to use these categories as a framework for classifying macro-level topics and the challenges they present.

In closing, we are very interested in your feedback. We plan to continue the conversation on emerging risks on our blog, “The Protiviti View” (, and on our microsite ( We welcome your input and comments.

Inside This Issue

  • Risks from an Upward Interest Rate Environment Page 2
  • Data Breaches: Vulnerability in an Information Age Page 4
  • Social Media Interactions with Consumers: Opportunity or Reputation Risk? Page 5
  • Shadow Banking Series, Part 2: Crowdfunding Page 7
  • Emerging Risk Spotlight: On-Demand Services Page 8
  • On the Radar Page 9
  • Where to Learn More Page 9
  • The Protiviti View – Continuing the Conversation on Our Blog Page 11
  • About Protiviti Page 11


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