PreView Volume 1, Issue 2

PreView Volume 1, Issue 2


Organizations face an ever-increasing portfolio of broad and complex risks that are constantly evolving. These risks range in complexity, and their nonlinear impacts can be difficult to identify. Consequences and implications can be ambiguous and difficult to quantify due to volatility and lack of sufficient knowledge and data. We realize that emerging risks can manifest from a multitude of sources and thus have broad underpinnings across industries. We also know that they can create new and exciting opportunities associated with technological advances. In this issue, we place the spotlight on technology to help organizations deal with some of the challenges that come with new opportunities. The topics include disruptive payment processors (part of our Shadow Banking series), the massive online open course (MOOC) revolution, the risks of new data, as well as a retrospective view on Bitcoins. We also cast our economic focus on the current state of municipal instability.

Our framework for evaluating risks continues to be tied to the Core Global Risk Categories designed by the World Economic Forum. We continue to be interested in your feedback regarding emerging risks. Send your input and comments to our blog, “The Protiviti View” (, and our microsite,

Inside This Issue

  • Shadow Banking Series, Part 1: Payment Processors Page 2
  • The MOOC Revolution: Shaking the Tower of Higher Education Page 4
  • Internet of Things: New Data, New Risks Page 5
  • The Rise of Municipal Instability Page 6
  • Retrospective View: Bitcoins Page 7
  • On the Radar Page 7
  • Where to Learn More Page 8
  • The Protiviti View – Continuing the Conversation on Our Blog Page 10
  • About Protiviti Page 10


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