PreView Volume 2, Issue 2

PreView Volume 2, Issue 2


As organizations continue to evolve their risk governance practices, focused and relevant information about emerging risks is at a premium. The objective of Protiviti’s PreView newsletter is to provide an input for these efforts as companies focus on risks that are developing in the market. In this issue, we expand on some of the megatrends we touched on in our previous issue to help organizations anticipate their potential ramifications.

This issue’s topics focus on emerging economies and global interdependency, urbanization trends, demographic shifts and their ramifications, artificial intelligence as a game changer in business and technology, and startups, no longer confined to the well-known hubs. As you review this issue, we encourage you to think about your organization and ask probing questions: How will changing demographics affect our business model? Will new technology or worker migration reshape our future workforce? Should we pursue opportunities now, or wait for more certainty? The answers will differ significantly from industry to industry. And even though the next move on the strategic board may not be readily apparent, businesses should pay attention as these shifts will continue to influence the decisions of policymakers, competitors and consumers.

Our framework for evaluation of these risks is rooted in the global risk categories designed by the World Economic Forum. Throughout this series, we will continue to use these categories as a framework for classifying macro-level topics and the challenges they present.

In closing, we are very interested in your feedback. We plan to continue the conversation on emerging risks on our blog, “The Protiviti View” (, and on our microsite ( We welcome your input and comments.

Inside This Issue

  • Global Connectedness: Investing in Emerging Economies Page 2
  • The Effects of Urbanization Page 4
  • Shifting Demographics: Global Fertility Rates Page 6
  • Entrants From Anywhere Page 8
  • Emerging Risk Spotlight: Artificial Intelligence Page 10
  • On the Radar Page 12
  • Where to Learn More Page 13
  • The Protiviti View – Continuing the Conversation on Our Blog Page 16
  • About Protiviti Page 16


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