Managing Data Governance in a Cloud-Focused World - Webcast

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Managing Data Governance in a Cloud-Focused World - Webcast

Companies like Amazon and Microsoft are opening the door for anyone with internet access to stand up rogue environments outside of corporate guidelines. This produces a unique set of challenges from a Data Governance standpoint like standardizing KPI definitions, Master Data Management, and Data Security.

In this webinar, Narjit Aujla will take attendees through the steps necessary to integrate the cloud movement into a Data Governance approach, while still enabling the usefulness and practicality of cloud applications.

Learning Points

  • Learn how to ensure metrics used by shadow applications in the cloud adhere to the Enterprise Data Dictionary
  • Learn how to assess the risk of a cloud service to better understand how an organization protects its sensitive data
  • Examine how IT manages authentication and data flow within a cloud application
  • Learn how to create concrete and reasonable cloud data governance controls for your organization 
  • Understand what steps to take to ensure the cloud provider adheres to vendor requirements


Narjit Aujla

As a manager in Protiviti's Data Management and Advanced Analytics practice, Narjit Aujla has worked with companies spanning a variety of industries. Narjit specializes in Data and Analytics with a focus on Enterprise Information Management (EIM), front-end dashboard development, data modeling, and architecture strategy. He also works closely with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise suite of tools including SAP Design Studio and SAP Web Intelligence in addition to other analytical tools such as SAP HANA Studio and SAP Lumira, Narjit has experience working with various database solutions, including Oracle DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. He has also helped businesses refine their Data Governance strategies, identifying gaps in business process using data profiling tools such as SAP Information Steward.

Duration: 54 minutes


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