5th Annual IT Audit Benchmarking Survey

5th Annual IT Audit Benchmarking Survey

5th Annual IT Audit Benchmarking Survey

A Global Look at IT Audit Best Practices: Assessing the International Leaders in the Annual ISACA/Protiviti Survey

The top technology challenge faced by IT audit executives and professionals worldwide is to keep pace with emerging technology and infrastructure changes, including transformation, innovation and disruption, according to a new joint survey from global consulting firm Protiviti and ISACA, a global association for IT assurance, governance and cybersecurity professionals. In today’s dynamic and ever-changing business and technology environments, companies are challenged to manage an escalating volume of IT risks at the same rapidity with which they are presented—a task that must be mastered in order to ensure the well-being of a business. The fifth annual IT Audit Benchmarking Survey examines where IT audit functions stand in their capabilities to help management and the board of directors address these complex challenges.


​​​Top Technology Challenges

  1. Emerging technology and infrastructure changes transformation, innovation, disruption
  2. IT security and privacy/cybersecurity
  3. Resource/staffing/skills challenges
  4. Infrastructure management
  5. Cloud computing/virtualization
  6. Bridging IT and the business
  7. Big data and analytics
  8. Project management and change management
  9. Regulatory compliance
  10. Budgets and controlling costs



5th Annual IT Audit Benchmarking Survey Infographic




Other Notable Takeaways from this Year’s Study

  • IT changes and security are top-of-mind
  • There are significant concerns about finding qualified resources and skills
  • Many IT audit reporting lines are still off the mark
  • IT audit risk assessments are an absolute must​
  • Get involved early in major IT projects
  • Know your audience to communicate effectively