2015 IT Priorities Survey FSI Summary

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2015 IT Priorities Survey FSI Summary

Amid Ongoing Transformation and Compliance Challenges, Cybersecurity Represents Top IT Concern in Financial Services Industry

IT security issues sit atop the priority pyramid, but must be balanced with other critical concerns, according to Protiviti's latest IT Priorities Survey

Though the financial services industry continues to focus on transforming their operations for the mobile era, the alarming rise in malicious IT attacks has redoubled their focus on cybersecurity. And for good reason. Sensitive financial information is among the most valuable and abundant data there is - which explains why crafty, cunning and dangerous cyber predators worldwide are constantly threatening security vulnerabilities at both financial institutions and other points of financial interaction, such s payment transactions. Yet other priorities, including regulatory compliance and an ever-increasing demand for innovation, continue to pull CIOs and IT leaders in multiple directions.


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