Industry Insights - Consumer Products & Retail - March 2021

Consumer Packaged Goods
Industry Insights - Consumer Products & Retail - March 2021

March 2021

Welcome to the March edition of Industry Insights for CPG and Retail.

On a monthly basis we dive in to the latest trends and topics. Our team has curated industry news, insights and resources to help you and your team keep forging ahead in 2021.

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Top Risks for the Next Decade: A Global Perspective

Our global survey of C-level executives and directors on macroeconomic, strategic and operational risks highlights their views regarding a disruptive risk landscape over the next decade through 2030.

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The Emergence of Buy Now, Pay Later

Source: The Wall Street Journal



In the digital age, CISOs are facing new challenges at a faster pace than ever before. How can CISOs find and leverage creative, innovative ways to proactively protect, prepare and support their organization? Protiviti's CISO Next connects CISOs and security thought leaders to explore and shape how their role will evolve in the current and future business landscape.

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Future-Readiness Demands Anticipation and Action

There is widespread acknowledgment that markets are evolving to a “new normal” and are not likely to revert back to pre-pandemic norms. From shedding obsolete approaches to pivoting for the future - what does future-readiness look like?

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Four Ways Finance Leaders Strengthen Cybersecurity

Board members demand coherent, relevant and timely updates from their organizations’ CIOs and CISOs on the state of data security and privacy capabilities, as well as clear insights from CFOs on cybersecurity investments: Are we protected? Are we spending enough? Are we investing wisely? How do we know? Leading CFOs provide real-time answers and updates to these questions.

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SEC Indicates Greater Interest in Climate Change Disclosures

Both public and private companies, including but not limited to those looking to go public – and their C-suite peers should monitor how marketplace expectations are evolving and evaluate how their climate-related disclosures measure up. According to the SEC’s 2010 guidance, which we anticipate to carry into recommendations as part of current studies, it's recommended that companies take proactive measures now.

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