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Industry Insights - Consumer Products and Retail

November 2020

In the spirit of the season we simply want to say thank you for reading Protiviti's November edition of Industry Insights for CPG and Retail. We appreciate you.

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Global Finance Priorities in the COVID Era

Major crises expose the true nature of things. In the face of extreme pressure, organizations discover how digital, agile and resilient they really are. CFOs and finance leaders are leveraging hard-earned lessons from the worldwide pandemic to strengthen organizational agility and resilience, according to the results.

View the interactive site for: • Notable findings and industry trends • The future-ready workforce • The impact of COVID-19.

Shoppers Flocked to Packaged Foods During the Pandemic. Now, CPG Companies Want to Keep Them Buying.

Pandemic demand has turned around sales of hot dogs, sugary cereal, and other items that were losing favor with consumers before the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, companies are increasing or reallocating marketing budgets with one goal in mind: to keep consumers buying more of those products, even after the pandemic recedes.
Source: Business Insider

Why Retailers Must Get Creative With BOPIS

As shopping patterns evolve and a broader range of customers become comfortable with online shopping, buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) will link the digital to the physical and become a powerful experiential channel in its own right.
Source: Retail Customer Experience

Social Media is the New Baseline in Digital Shopping

Americans are shopping more and more on social media platforms, with sales on social platforms growing 84% in the third quarter, according to a new Salesforce report. Will this become the next shopping mall?
Source: Business Insider

Bringing Online Shoppers In-Store: 6 Ideas From Macy’s, Target, Others

More than half of holiday shopping is expected to take place online this year, creating a dilemma for retailers trying to figure out how to make a profit from their stores. These six approaches could safely lift in-store sales and improve emotional connections among shoppers.
Source: Forbes


The Future Auditor Faces the Digital Imperative

Digital transformation and the adoption of next-generation best practices, including advanced analytics for reporting and robotic process automation (RPA) for the control environment, need to be a priority for every internal audit organization if they want to remain relevant.

The Power of Hybrid Analytics

Hybrid analytic systems do not have to be fancy or expensive. The challenge is understanding where and how to access multiple systems in a business intelligence landscape. This is where hybrid analytics becomes necessary.

Fearless Forecasts On ESG From SASB Co-Vice Chair Bob Hirth—Part 1

While financial reporting has been a primary focus of finance for a long time, one cannot ignore increasing investor and stakeholder interests in performance that reach beyond the top and bottom lines.

Podcast: Gone Phishing – Elaborate Scams Are on the Rise. Are You Smart Enough to Recognize Them?

A shared personal experience with, and an in-depth analysis of, a sophisticated phishing scam. How can companies protect themselves against increasingly elaborate phishing attempts and other malicious actions?



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