Consumer Banking Survey

Consumer Banking Survey
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Getting to the Heart of Customer Experience

Insights from Protiviti’s 2016 Consumer Banking Survey – Learn about consumer perceptions of their experience, what banks are doing well and where improvements are needed.

Who cares about the customer’s experience?

For board members and C-suite executives in consumer financial services, customer experience has moved to the forefront over the past few years.  According to more than 90 percent of over 2,000 respondents to Protiviti’s second annual Consumer Banking Survey, the answer to the questions above is: Most financial institutions have been successful in meeting their customers’ expectations.  Yet this answer is incomplete.  A deeper look at the survey results shows that banks have ample room for improvement in exceeding customer expectations, managing the customer experience and, perhaps more importantly, convincing consumers that they care about their complaints.



Key Findings:

  1. The vast majority of financial institutions are meeting customer expectations – yet if exceeding expectations is the goal, far fewer institutions are reaching it and there is significant room for improvement.
  2. The higher a customer’s income level, the greater the likelihood is that the customer has been disappointed or frustrated by an financial services company.
  3. Customers in the highest income category are the least likely to believe their financial services companies exceed expectations.
  4. Self-service online and mobile options are enhancing the customer experience by making it easier for consumers to interact with their everyday bank – different demographics and socioeconomic segments favor different communication channels.
  5. When it comes to addressing their complaints and challenges, customers are not sure financial institutions care.



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