2015 IT Priorities Survey

2015 IT Priorities Survey

2015 IT Priorities Survey Header

Assessing the 2015 IT Priorities Survey Results

​For today’s enterprises, insecurity lurks everywhere and organizational cybersecurity defenses are critical. Managing these changes with confidence, amid major IT transformation, requires an array of information security approaches, processes and tools. We find all of this and more at the top of IT’s packed priority list.


Top 5 IT Priorities

  1. Security concerns are paramount across companies of all sizes.
  2. ​Major IT changes and upgrades continue, intensifying demands on IT departments.
  3. Search for balance is underway amongst many rising priorities on the IT department’s bursting agenda, including virtualization and enterprise architecture.
  4. IT seeks to manage all assets better: data, hardware, software and more to harness business value.
  5. Organizations leverage technology to enable greater collaboration across the enterprise.




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