Risk and Compliance


Protiviti provides solutions to help providers ensure they have a robust, effective compliance program to prevent and detect instances and events of legal and regulatory violations.

Compliance Program Effectiveness, Assessment & Remediation
  • Evaluate program against Federal Sentencing Guidelines, industry regulatory guidance and best practices​

  • Test compliance controls for design and operating effectiveness


Interim Compliance Officer / Supplemental Staffing
  • Provide qualified and senior interim compliance leadership to manage or bolster your compliance program’s effectiveness ​

  • Supplement compliance staff on an as needed or on-going basis with experienced professionals


Compliance Risk Assessments
  • Perform compliance risk assessments to ensure a risk-informed and focused compliance plan is established​

  • Leverage the OIG Work Plan, regulatory publications, risks specific to your provider type and industry best practices​


Compliance Auditing & Investigations​
  • Perform audits (for example, HIPAA, drug diversion, documentation and coding integrity, etc.) and investigations into areas of concern ​

  • Perform audits directly for the provider and/or at the direction of internal or external counsel​


Independent Review Organization
  • Assess pre-IRO readiness​

  • Provide independent review of elements within a Corporate Integrity Agreement​

  • Conduct post-IRO evaluation and remediation


Enterprise Risk Management
  • Program design and implementation​

  • Enterprise-wide risk assessments including compliance/legal, reputational, operational, financial, and strategic risk ​

  • Assessment of ERM goals and readiness​