Next-Gen Internal Audit


Protiviti’s world-class Internal Audit (IA) services provide effective insight and confidence to leaders that their organizations can meet the demands of the ever-changing business environment. Management is leveraging IA more than ever as a strategic resource to provide guidance on business decisions based on their broad and deep skill sets and perspectives; analytical capabilities; and their knowledge of operations, strategic goals, and risk and control structures. Our IA services help ensure that healthcare organizations become more innovative and explore new technologies, identify and mitigate emerging risks, develop creative solutions to address complex business challenges, and encourages best practices to enhance business functions.

CHIAP™ Certified

Our Internal Audit Leaders at Protiviti are among the first to achieve the designation of Certified Healthcare Internal Audit Professional™, the only healthcare specific internal audit certification, from the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors (AHIA). AHIA developed this new certification to recognize auditors whose proficiency in healthcare specific auditing functions and commitment to excellence sets them apart in the field of healthcare internal auditing.