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Future Ready Workforce

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In today’s corporate climate, a resilient workforce will prove vital to a company’s ability to pivot in the face of changing market realities. The workforce of the future needs to be reimagined for increased flexibility and able to respond to rapid changes in business.

To enable a flexible workforce, talent managers need timely visibility into the strongest talent to fill roles, as well as opportunities for upskilling, reskilling and using interim professionals.

Powered by the Robert Half AI Matching Engine, Protiviti’s [NAME] is designed to accelerate accuracy and efficiency to address your critical talent challenges.

By bringing a single view of your workforce, managers can match the strongest talent to job opportunities in seconds and gather the insights to be pivot-ready.

When business models shift, you have an agile workforce that’s always ready to serve your customer demand.



“The abrupt shift to a remote work environment has proven for most that you don’t always need your team physically in the same space. There are opportunities here: You can use technology to bring the best people to teams and adding this staffing strategy can optimize your workforce while creating a greater career development environment for your current talent.”
- Kim Bozzella, Protiviti Managing Director


Future Ready Workforce


The Future Ready Workforce: Talent Intelligence Platform helps you find solutions to an array of workforce challenges

Optimize Talent Acquisition & Placement

Find efficiencies and drive effectiveness in Talent identification, acquisition and placement


  • Limited understanding where current critical talent gaps exist
  • Finding qualified candidates takes too long and requires too many tools
  • Talent is not shared across business units

Optimized with ____

  • Skills assessment and competency insights
  • Reduce cost & time spent while increasing accuracy with AI matching
  • Identification of internal mobility opportunities
Drive Employee Engagement

Invest in Human Capital Sentiment & Retention


  • Losing talent to lack of career growth and opportunity
  • Lack of hands-on management and investment in workforce
  • Need better tools to help drive D&I

Optimized with ____

  • Increase career development
  • Surface opportunities for upskilling and reskilling
  • Increase inclusion with initiatives that focus on everyone
Prepare for your Future Workforce

Workforce Agility to plan and respond to Business Needs


  • No ability to benchmark workforce to determine future needs and set goals
  • Hiring and development planning are not in sync nor are they responsive to business changes
  • Lack of disciplined workforce planning to drive future talent needs and succession planning

Optimized with ____

  • Increase workforce data quality for ongoing strategic planning
  • Predict skills and roles needed in the future to increase adaptability
  • Develop a continual process to align the workforce with business objectives


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Kim Bozzella
Kim Bozzella
Managing Director