Tech Insights Webinar Series Presents: Evolving the PMO

Tech Insights Webinar Series Presents: Evolving the PMO

In the current business environment, organizational leaders require the ability to manage with tighter budgets, shorter timelines, scarcity of resources, and rapidly changing technology. Program Management Organization (PMO) leaders need to move away from checklist project management and transform from being a 'Paper PMO' to a 'Transformation PMO'.  This next generation of the Program Management Office enables the organization to rapidly unlock and deliver business value to remain competitive in the global economy. During this webinar, our panel will share how organizations are developing new skills and a roadmap to deliver more business value.

At the end of this webinar you will be able to:

  • Analyze your skills and identify next steps needed to move away from a Checklist (Paper) PM to a Transformation PM
  • Discuss the foundational elements needed to establish a Transformation Management Office (TMO) and understand the level of change needed in your organization
  • Assess the different scalability models to determine which PMO transformation options to consider'


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12 Nov 2020
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