Deploying, Attacking & Securing Software Defined Networks

Deploying, Attacking & Securing Software Defined Networks

Let's get our hands dirty in Software Defined Networking! Whether you're a network engineer or just a netsec enthusiast, this workshop will provide you with tools and guidance to set up, attack, and secure a software defined network from scratch using open-source tools and cloud-based switching software. Each attendee will be given access to a lab environment where they can deploy, test, configure, break, and secure a software defined network. All scripts and deployment instructions will be provided at the end, so you can continue your testing and research back home, or use it to make friends and win bets at the pub.

Prerequisites: Basic networking, knowledge of the OSI model, and basic *nix shell familiarity

Materials: Laptop with internet access, web browser with HTML5 capability

Max students: 84

Jon Medina
Associate Director,


Jon is a security nerd who has worked in networking and security capacities for everything from the Department of Defense, to the Fortune 500, to state and local government. He currently works for Protiviti providing security consulting for a wide variety of clients and industries. His interests outside of security include traveling, hockey, strange beers, and his bulldog. He's spoken at Shmoocon, BSides, and many other security events and conferences.



Megha is an Orlando-based security geek who’s worked in consulting across a wide variety of industries and solutions. She works extensively in security architecture, network security, vulnerability assessments, social engineering (Ferris Bueller style), incident response, and security operations. She enjoys spending time with her family, dancing, boxing / kickboxing (beating the crap out of punching bags is a hobby right?), and keeping up with the latest security news.


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Deploying, Attacking, and Securing Software Defined Networks
10 Aug 2018
02:30 PM to 06:30 PM PDT
Caesars Palace
3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, 89109
United States
Friday, August 10, 2018 - 2:30pm to 6:30pm