The mining industry has recently faced significant volatility as global demand has waned and commodity prices have been challenged. In this environment, optimizing working capital and managing debt has become critical for success. In these distressed markets, there are many opportunities for successful leaders that can manage most effectively to emerge stronger when demand shifts again.

Protiviti’s professionals have worked extensively with some of the largest international mining companies in the world to improve efficiency and productivity while also mitigating risk. Our industry experts have many years of experience working across the mining sector and involving many metals and industrial minerals including aluminum, iron ore, zinc, gold, copper, bauxite, coal, and uranium. We have specialized experience in areas such as exploration, smelting, strategic sourcing, sales and marketing, disaster management and recovery, commodity trading, shipping, enterprise risk management, and information technology applications and security. We have delivered services in more than 150 cities and 60 countries throughout the world, providing resources and subject-matter experts in the mining industry to help leaders face the future with confidence.


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