Emerging Risks

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Emerging Risks


“Emerging risks may not be fully understood or identified, and hence comprehensive risk management options to assess, quantify, monitor and develop response plans are difficult for organizations to design and implement.”


As more organizations continue to evolve risk governance practices, focused and relevant information about emerging risks is at a premium. The objective of Protiviti’s Emerging Risk Newsletter is to provide an input for these efforts as companies focus on risks that are developing in the market.


We view emerging risks as those that are newer to an organization or are the result of macro-level changes; therefore, we see these risks as distinctly different from evolving risks that have been previously identified and are shifting from their original conditions or risk levels.


Our series of Emerging Risk Newsletters is intended to serve as a thought-provoking piece in organizations’ consideration of emerging risk, particularly those risks that may have a direct impact on them, as businesses undertake steps to evolve and adapt progressive risk management practices.



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