Cybersecurity In Financial Services Organizations

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Cybersecurity In Financial Services Organizations


Global cybersecurity risk has never been higher, yet its magnitude is almost certain to intensify in the months and years to come. Cybercriminal activity against global companies surged in the past years, with financial institutions continuing to be targeted for their high-value information. This makes cybersecurity a critical organizational priority and a top concern in the boardroom, C-suite and information technology function and in every area of the business for financial services firms. The convergence of three phenomena, increased regulation and the need for modernization and innovation, combined with an exponential increase in cyber risks, creates a major challenge for financial services institutions that demands attention.

Here you will find an array of publications for your reading on relevant topics to help your financial services organization address cybersecurity.

“First and foremost, you need to understand as an organization the data – the PII and NPI that you absolutely, positively need to protect at all costs.”

Adam Hamm, Protiviti
Adam Hamm
MD, Protiviti


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