Customer experience


Customer experience


Organizations face significant challenges to keep pace with changing customer demands.  In this fast moving environment, gaining continuous insight, and knowing how to leverage those insights can make a big difference.

Protiviti possesses experience and capabilities that are uniquely positioned to help companies implement and enhance customer initiatives across the enterprise and deliver tangible business results that are connected to the bottom line.

Through our alliance with MaritzCX (, we connect innovative services and technology with consulting expertise to align CX insights and implement key process and business performance initiatives.

Our Offerings:

Operations & Process Enhancement
  • Customer Journey Mapping – Assisting organizations with understanding their customers highly complex and varied experiences across digital and traditional touchpoints.
  • Voice of the Customer – Identification and collection of multiple sources of digital feedback to obtain a complete and unified view of how customers interact with the business.
  • Customer Experience Audit – Performing procedures over critical CX business processes, including an evaluation of technology, strategy, people, processes, and compliance with formal policies and procedures, and comparing current state to best practices.  
  • Customer Insights – Examination and development of capabilities to analyze and prioritize the measurement and monitoring of CX data points.
  • Governance, Strategy & Execution – Mitigating the risks presented by innovative disruption through the development of digital strategies, governance protocols and managing the execution / implementation of strategic digital initiatives.
  • Organizational Digital CX Readiness – Examination of the organizational structure, capabilities and influences of CX data insights across the business. Aiding the development of a CX framework.
  • Innovation Culture – Development, review and enhancement of policy frameworks to create culture that embeds, promotes and supports a culture of innovation.
  • Digital CX Platform Selection – Assessment of the CX platform that meets the requirements of the business, collects desired customer data across all touchpoints and can be leveraged throughout the organization.
  • Technology Adoption and Impact – Examination / assessment of the infrastructure, systems and tools an organization has in place to embrace new and emerging technologies. Assistance with the implementation of technology solutions designed to enhance CX data collection, analysis and reporting. 
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