The retail experience has been transformed over the past decade as what, where and how consumers buy has changed. The transformation is far from complete and innovation continues to drive the industry forward. Today’s retailers are successfully integrating online and in-store experiences to maximize customer choice in the buying process. Many retailers were early adopters of data and analytic tools, creating competitive advantage through anticipation of customer demands and creation of increasingly customized demand generation programs. Payment options and regulations are continuing to evolve requiring more resources to manage and optimize. Many retailers have experienced security breaches related to payments or lost customer information, impacting their reputation and the trust of consumers. 
Successful retailers are able to adapt their operations, technology and people to continuously anticipate and meet customer, shareholder and regulatory demands in this changing world. At Protiviti, our retail experts focus on providing you with greater control over your business so that you can innovate and grow profitably. 
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We can help you manage digital transformation of the front or back-office and deliver data and analytics solutions to provide greater insight for decision making. We help optimize vendor relationships and supply chain management. We manage all aspects of cybersecurity and assist in risk, compliance and internal audit programs from the enterprise to the store level. Whatever challenges and opportunities the future holds, we can help you face them with confidence.

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