Leadership Training Company Develops a Next-Generation E-Learning Platform

Leadership Training Company Develops a Next-Generation E-Learning Platform

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Client Need:

Develop a next-generation e-learning platform based on leading frameworks and methodologies.


The leadership training company was taking ownership of its learning management platform, a centerpiece of its business. The company knew it had to modernize its Software as a Service (SaaS) business to deliver content more effectively to its customers, but it had underestimated the role it had to play in software delivery and ownership.


  • Introduce proven processes to help drive team collaboration and software development and delivery
  • Develop a next-generation version of its eLearning platform and complete the minimum viable product  for release
  • Achieve feature parity so the company could turn off its costly legacy system for delivering content


  • The e-learning platform is now in an operational steady state. Robert Half and Protiviti supported the platform development to create new features and address issues as needed. Our Managed Technology Solutions team served as the company’s primary development engine while helping the business transition to full ownership of its critical digital asset.
  • The leadership training company has also reduced costs significantly by turning off its old system. And now it’s benefiting from revenue renewal opportunities with customers who were dissatisfied with the outdated content delivery system.
  • The business has also decreased costs related to on-demand cloud computing services by eliminating an instance of a customer database it no longer needed. Protiviti helped the company realize the opportunity to streamline cloud instances during an overall assessment of the company’s IT environment


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