A Leading Global Gaming Manufacturer Looks for Process Improvements and Cost Efficiencies

A Leading Global Gaming Manufacturer Looks for Process Improvements and Cost Efficiencies

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Client Need:

Introduce cost-effective processes to IT lab, engineering and automation.


When a leading manufacturer of one of the world’s most popular gaming systems took a close look at their day-to-day engineering, automation and lab processes, they knew they needed significant changes. They were spending millions on contractors from six different staffing and consulting firms. And their full-time employees were managing resources across multiple suppliers in both the U.S. and overseas. Labor, oversight and infrastructure costs were rapidly increasing, and support and deployment processes were inefficient or completely broken.


  • Consolidated multiple vendors and functions to achieve millions of dollars in cost savings


The client has seen impressive, measurable results. Over the course of our  multiyear relationship, our team has:

  • Onboarded more than 160 services and platforms into the support model
  • Provided engineering support to all client-owned gaming studios around the world
  • Took ownership over end-to-end incident management (including triage and troubleshooting), automation support (including triage and failure analysis) and engineering projects
  • Supported six data labs with 3,000 consoles and 850 servers alongside the client’s full-time employees

The expanded attention also enabled the client to increase the number of services it has supported — from 30 to more than 270 in just two years — with no increase in headcount or cost. The automation, hardware, space and resource consolidation, process improvements, and streamlined workflows have helped saved the client millions of dollars in operating expenses.


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