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December 2021


"Continued disruption in the war for talent in 2021 has not slowed down the need for companies to transform through centralization, outsourcing and acquisitions, and technology enhancements. There is an increase in demand for skilled resources with analytical skills to fill operational roles, blended with consultants who quickly get to the root cause to support these transformations. The focus on people and retaining talent should be the number-one priority for companies in 2022 for them to be successful."

Hani Masood, Managing Director, Protiviti


2022 and 2031 Executive Perspectives on Top Risks

The global marketplace is dramatically impacted by a host of notable risk drivers triggering significant levels of uncertainties that make it difficult for leaders to anticipate what risks may lie just over the horizon.

As no one is immune to uncertainty, C-suites and boards need to be vigilant in scanning the horizon for emerging issues. Because it is impossible to anticipate everything of significance that lies in the future, organizations must focus on building trust-based, resilient cultures that can pivot at the speed of change.


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Recent Blogs

5 Questions Boards Should Ask Their CFOs

CFOs serve as a critical filter to the board of directors. Leading finance chiefs increasingly deploy data visualization tools and approaches to zero in on board-worthy topics in concise and compelling board reports.


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Flourishing in a New Reality: Automation for the Post-COVID-19 Labor Market

Availability and quality of finance and accounting talent is an issue CFOs have been grappling with since the COVID-19 pandemic spurred major changes in how people work — and how they relate to their work.


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Client Story

Global Bank Puts Customer Experience Front and Center as Its Engine for Growth

In the fiercely competitive credit card industry, banks struggle to grow their brands by differentiating their cards from all the others. Many try to do this through low rates, giveaways and various partnerships.

However, the most visionary among banks understand that customer experience is at the center of success and is the engine to grow their brand.


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CFO Dive

How CFOs Contribute to Their Organization's Reputational Risk

CFOs that handle employees poorly can add to the reputational risk of their companies, business consulting specialists say. The same is true for CFOs who drag their feet in getting their finance and accounting operations onto the cloud or are overly conservative when their companies want to innovate.


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Recent Industry Insights

Global Finance Trends Survey: Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Many pandemic-related challenges will continue to be a primary focus for finance leaders over the next 12 months, along with new and emerging priorities.


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Industry Insights: Energy

Each quarter, we dive into the latest trends and topics. Our team has curated insights and resources to help you and your team plan ahead for 2022.


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