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September 2021

Change the way Finance works

"All of our surveys and client interactions tell us that CFOs continue to find innovative ways to meet the needs of their many internal and external customers. In the process, they have expanded their vantage points and stepped into or cemented their roles in not only reporting, but also strategy."

– Chris Wright, Managing Director, Protiviti

Newly Released: Finance Trends Survey Report

Security, Data, Analytics, Automation, Flexible Work Models and ESG Define Finance Priorities

The results of the 2021 Finance Trends Survey reveal athat CFOs and finance leaders worldwide are addressing an expanding set of responsibilities beyond traditional finance and accounting. CFOs are informing and shaping cybersecurity investments and capabilities. Forecasting and planning processes are being overhauled to integrate new data inputs so that the insights they produce are more real-time in nature. The finance labor model is being refined to become more flexible and gain and sustain access to cutting-edge skills and innovative thinking. Financial reporting expertise is quickly being extended to unfolding Human Capital and ESG reporting and disclosure requirements.


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Finance Trends Survey Report


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Join us for a live discussion on the results of our survey, in which we identify key priorities of finance leaders and look at new and emerging issues.

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