CAE Agenda: Your Monthly Audit News Roundup

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CAE Agenda: Your Monthly Audit News Roundup


Welcome to the May edition of the CAE Agenda, Protiviti’s monthly roundup of internal audit news and developments for financial services organizations. 

We hope this will be a valuable source for audit executives to stay informed on the industry and regulatory developments impacting your organization.


News And Trends

  1. This Weekend’s Ransomware Attacks – What Your Company Needs to Do

    In this Flash report, we summarize the events that are known to have occurred to date and provide guidance to organizations as well as recommended actions for them to take immediately.

  2. The First 100 Days Report – Discussing the Impact of President Donald Trump's Administration on Key Sectors

    We discuss developments during the first 100 days on a number of key policy fronts. An appendix is also provided to offer additional commentary on the developments affecting different industries.

  3. Here's Why Sifma Is Critical of the Fiduciary Rule

    Sifma President and CEO Ken Bentsen discusses criticism about, and the future of, the fiduciary rule.



Latest Insights from Protiviti

Top Priorities for Internal Audit in Financial Services Organizations – Executive Summary

Here, we highlight the financial services industry responses to Protiviti’s 2017 Internal Audit Capabilities and Needs Survey. A deeper dive into the financial services results will be issued in June.

From Analog to Analytics: 2017 a Turning Point for Internal Audit

In this blog post, Protiviti’s Barbi Goldstein discusses 10 action items for internal audit to consider to be able to lead by embracing analytics and continuous monitoring.

Embracing Analytics in Auditing

Internal audit has started the journey toward enabling analytics in audit processes, but there’s a long road ahead. Learn why in this report on key findings from Protiviti’s 2017 Internal Audit Capabilities and Needs Survey.

A Reputation on the Rise: An Insider’s Guide to Professional Practices Groups for Internal Audit in Large Financial Institutions

Take a deeper dive into the role professional practices groups play within the financial services industry.

Cybersecurity Regulatory Issues in the Insurance Industry

Three Protiviti managing directors share their expert opinion on the latest regulatory and cyber-related challenges facing insurers today. 


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Embracing Analytics in Auditing – Listen to our Webinar Recording

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