Human Capital


Organisations are only as valuable as the people working for them. As it has been widely documented, over 70% of deals fail to reach their full potential or even their 'basic' synergies—Why? In almost every case it can be traced back to people, the one asset that continues to be underestimated in both value and impact. 


Protiviti can help organisations quickly identify challenges and "fit-for-purpose" solutions for the most important capital asset—human capital. Protiviti’s consultants not only show clients how to navigate the most common pitfalls, but also use predictive analytics to help minimise post transaction risk while also helping make the right people investments pre-announcement.


Protiviti’s human capital experts help Organisations identify cultural incongruences by assessing operating protocols, wild cards, and most importantly, the impact of a cultural disruption to the bottom line of the target or acquiring Organisation. Protiviti’s human capital professionals work side by side with the leadership team to assess talent across a wide spectrum of indicators and evaluate its impact on deal terms or determine most appropriate course of action pre- and post-transaction. People and culture are mutually exclusive and both are primary drivers in synergy identification, capture and realisation.