Protiviti Knowledge and Innovation Center

Protiviti Knowledge and Innovation Center
Protiviti Knowledge and Innovation Center


We are the in-house Knowledge Center of Protiviti comprised of experienced research and knowledge experts who work closely with various Protiviti solution and industry stakeholders, on a wide array of services. These services are:


  • In-depth Research
  • Proposal Creation
  • Benchmarking
  • Survey Management
  • Data Management
  • Creative Designing
  • Administrative Support
  • Thought Leadership

We have teams dedicated to support various Knowledge, Innovation and Marketing activities of the firm. We are a young, enthusiastic and creative team, that brings together professionals from different educational backgrounds and experience, collaborating to make a real difference within the firm.

Our Services

Research & Benchmarking

Leveraging a wide range of globally accredited database, the PKIC team works on providing research assistance on just about any topic, industry, country, etc. From customized macro-based templates to analytical methodologies, we have answers to all the benchmarking needs of our stakeholders.

Knowledge Management

Maintaining and leveraging an existing as well and a new knowledge, acting as the heart of Protiviti and pumping knowledge into the rest of the firm, is how we help the firm drive efficiently. From maintaining the knowledge portal to acting as owners of the firm's intellectual property, we do it all!

Creative Design

We are the one-stop-shop for all creative design needs of the firm. With expert technical designers, we provide extensive formatting assistance in various Microsoft and Adobe products. From designing marketing collaterals to making impactful presentations, the team offers value-added support as well.

Proposal Support
We assist teams globally to create impactful proposals, from information and design standpoint. Acting as the owners of the ‘Proposal Center’ at Protiviti, we engage with teams to provide RFP support, client discovery and research support, credential support, etc.


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Data Management Support

A dedicated team that provides ‘Data Management’ support to the Finance, Marketing and HR teams at Protiviti. Experts in Excel and data crunching, these professionals work in managing large volumes of data. The team also provides research and back-end support to the firm’s Data and Analytics Solution.