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Open Banking gives consumers and small businesses an opportunity to securely access a range of exciting and innovative services and introduces competition into the banking market.

However to be able to provide these services you must be authorised buy the regulator and be able to demonstrate that you are able to operate and govern in an appropriate way.

For a start up firm or proposition this can be a onerous and challenging task. But Protiviti is here to help.

Everything you need to become authorised and operational

Protiviti has developed a range of services to support you through the process of becoming regulated and operational.

These include:

  • Support with regulatory authorisation - The regulatory authorisation process can be challenging. Judging what is necessary and sufficient for an organisation to be authorised can be difficult. Protiviti is skilled in helping firms to understand the guidelines and interpret them. Guiding firms through the process of authorisation and ensuring the response the firm takes to the regulation is proportionate.
  • Support with design and implementation of the necessary policies, procedure and controls - Part of the challenge of establish any business much less a regulated business is having the necessary policies, procedure and controls in place to ensure that the business can be well governed. Protiviti specialises in helping firms to create these whether they relate to financial management, operational management or regulation.
  • Support with establishing the appropriate governance arrangements - Having the right governance in place is critical to a well run business and the regulator requires evidence that this governance is effective and part of its approval process. Designing and implementing a governance framework that is both proportionate and meeting the needs of the regulator is another area where Protiviti can help.

Aligned with they way you want to work

Protiviti has designed its services to be easy to consume, cost effective and proportion to your need. We recognise that as innovators and entrepreneurs your needs will develop over time. We are therefore offering 3 levels of service and different price points:

  • Access to our PSD/Open Banking chat bot and Knowledge Leader. Based on Slack our chat bot will help answer the basic questions and get you started. It will guide you through the processes of becoming regulated. It will explain which regulations are relevant and guide you to sources of additional information.
  • Access to our team of regulatory specialists. Should your needs outgrow our chat bot then we will provide access to our team of regulatory specialists through our online collaboration environment. They will be available to answer questions and participate in workshops, helping you to progress your authorisation and implement the necessary governance.
  • Tailored on site support. Should your needs outgrow the support services we provide in 1 and 2 above we will provide tailored on site support services. These are not part of our subscription based service and will be charged for using our standard rate card.

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