Inspiring Speakers Summer Series

Inspiring Speakers Summer Series: Risk taking and decision making revealed

Inspiring Speakers Summer Series

New Voices, Fresh Perspective


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Our Inspiring Speakers Summer Series provides fresh perspectives from outside the formal business world to give new stimulus as we reframe our business challenges and priorities.


Hearing new and unexpected insights from others can help us reimagine our businesses – and help us pick up the pace on the road to recovery. We hope these ‘out-of-the-box’ thinkers may just help us reimagine the future and inspire us with more confidence in this dynamic world.


What Laughter Does to Our Brains

Guest Speaker: Tim Reid

Best known for co-creating and co-writing the BAFTA winning BBC sitcom, Car Share, Tim showed how to use humour to inspire your teams to think differently, be more audacious, be more agile in their thinking and work together better. 

What laughter does to our brains


Risk Taking and Decision Making Revealed

Guest Speaker: Caspar Berry

Screenwriter to a professional poker player, Caspar uses poker to unlock the usually dry and mathematical world of risk and decision-making. He offers powerful insights into the psychology of really successful people.

Risk taking and decision making revealed


Heart, Insight and Courage – How to Refuse to Quit and Keep Going

Guest Speaker: Penny Mallory

In today's ever more competitive environment, your Mental Toughness is the game changer that will set you apart from the rest. Penny is engagingly authentic as she shares her vision of improved performance and making positive change.

Heart, insight and courage – how to refuse to quit and keep going


Realising Your Potential

Guest Speaker: Inge Solheim

As an expedition leader to the most remote places on this planet, Inge has developed a “toolbox” for leadership, performance and self-development. Principles and techniques that can be transferred to everyday life. Building robustness, changing thought and behaviour patterns, and adapting to every situation.

Heart, insight and courage – how to refuse to quit and keep going


Life Lessons - Building High Performing Teams

Guest Speaker: Caspar Craven

Caspar, his wife, and their 3 kids changed their stable life for sailing around the world for 2 years, living, working, and home-schooling on a boat. Caspar, an entrepreneur, explores the essential components of what it takes to build teams - a universal set of tools that once mastered can be used to great effect.

Heart, insight and courage – how to refuse to quit and keep going


Being an Ally & a Friend 

Guest Speaker: Pips Bunce

Pips Bunce joins us to talk gender identity, the power of allies, intersectionality and the importance of authenticity in the workplace. Pips is a prolific public speaker, a regular panellist, presenter and media contributor having been awarded a position in the prestigious Financial Times/OUTStanding/Yahoo Finance LGBT and Ally Executive leader list and winning the Inspirational leader category as part of the British LGBT Awards.



Post Lockdown, How To Get Back Into The Game And Stay There  

Guest Speaker: Matt Fitzpatrick

A live Q&A with Matt Fitzpatrick, our Protiviti brand ambassador and British golfer with a growing reputation, where he shared with us what he has been up to during lockdown, how he has been keeping his golf games sharp and how he’s preparing for both the upcoming Aberdeen Standard Investments Scottish Open and BMW PGA Championship.

Golf Sponsorship


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