Building Resilience in the Cloud

Building Resilience in the Cloud Protiviti
Building Resilience in the Cloud

Protiviti and Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) outlines potential key regulatory barriers to the greater adoption of cloud services in capital markets and provides recommendations for policymakers and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to assist banks with their adoption.

James Fox, Director, Enterprise Cloud at Protiviti, said: “With digital transformation continuing to drive the adoption of cloud within financial services, we have seen that banks in particular are becoming increasingly more confident in using the cloud for sensitive workloads.

Despite increased regulatory attention, we have seen an overwhelming demand from banks for access to new and innovative services powered by the cloud, which increases security and resilience and enables banks to quickly react to unforeseen events, such as COVID-19, due to the flexibility and configurability of the cloud.

Read recommendations in the paper on how policymakers and engagement from CSPs can assist banks with the resilient adoption of cloud services.