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Industry Insights - Consumer Products & Retail

September 2021

Welcome to the September edition of Industry Insights for Consumer Products and Retail.

On a monthly basis we dive in to the latest trends and topics. Our team has curated industry news, insights and resources to help you and your team keep forging ahead in 2021.

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Identify the Top Global Risks for 2022 and Beyond

The range of uncertainties facing business leaders around the globe in 2021 is considerable – but looking ahead, what do you see as the key risks for 2022 and beyond? What are other leading executives around the world discussing in their boardrooms?

Protiviti and North Carolina State University, invite you to take 15 minutes and share your invaluable insight via our annual, global survey on the top risks likely to affect businesses in 2022 and over the next decade.

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A Look Back on 2021 Top Risks for Consumer Products and Retail

As we enter the final stretch of 2021, the lingering effects of the pandemic and operational challenges have remained top concerns for Consumer Products and Retail companies. How has your organisation fared on notable risk drivers identified by industry leaders for 2021?

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Amplify Customer Experience to Propel Next-Level Growth

Customers today are buying based on their experience with a company and whether a product or service aligns with their personal values, including access, inclusivity, sustainability and trust. Customer experience should play the starring role in decision-making and should be woven into technology initiatives.

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Internal Auditors in the Spotlight as Trusted Advisers and Partners in Business Resilience

Internal auditors are being challenged to do more than ever before, often in areas beyond the typical audit plan prepared each year. Stakeholders are looking for greater insight and knowledge into their organisations. Deft internal audit organisations have been able to ingrain the importance of their role and reaffirm value.

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Demand Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud for the Consumer Products Industry

As markets and supply chains continue to become more global, and as customers continue to demand more from consumer products companies, we see increased pressure to improve shrinking margins and meet customers’ evolving needs. One of the key processes that enables this balance is demand planning. When done right, it helps provide the plan and flexibility to better leverage the supply chain, meet customer needs and ensure that the right product is available in the right sales channel at the right time.

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Agile is Strategic: It's Time for Finance to Scale up its Flexible Labor Model

The results of Protiviti's annual global survey of finance leaders consistently shows that finance groups with a flexible labor model in place experience fewer compromises to core finance processes during unexpected events. This paper examines what is driving the need for a flexible labor model and how to implement change.

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