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How companies can reset for secure growth?

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Exclusively curated content from our County Market Leader, Tom Lemon and the team at Protiviti UK that covers our best global resources not available anywhere else on this website. And if you miss an event, your links to our on-demand event content too.

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Since April, I become the leader of Protiviti in the UK whilst Peter Richardson becomes our architect of Future Work. I’m leading the dedicated team here grappling with client challenges on how to grow safely and securely in challenging times. Our teams are supporting companies facing the economic and social consequence of the pandemic –trends that were present before and have been accelerated by circumstance. Leaders are stepping up to tackle people, process and technology issues that extend beyond their own organisations, such as the search for talent and digitisation. For those in leadership positions, the focus now should be on the following questions: What’s going great? What’s going so-so? What’s not going so well? Answering those questions will allow organisations to move ahead with confidence into the “better normal.” In other news:

  • Our Protiviti Advisory Board ran a global event on Pandemic Lessons Learned and the Path to a “Better Normal”. Read the recap here
  • Protiviti is once again on the Fortune 100 Best Companies list, for the seventh consecutive year. A huge thank you to our employees whose survey feedback showed that Protiviti offered them a consistently great workplace experience and strong support during the pandemic. Read full list here.
  • Gender equity, diversity, and inclusion make workplaces work better. We’re proud to be part of the #CatalystForChange initiative, a group of companies committed to advancing women, particularly women of color, into leadership. Read our press release to learn more.

Continuing with optimism, I would like to share our invitation to our weekly Collaboration Forum 'Building a brighter future where positive change agents and problem solvers will join us to discuss those challenges and topics that are most important to you and your business.

As always, the team at Protiviti and I stand ready to support you,

Tom Lemon I Managing Director & UK Country Leader

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