Introducing Cloud Hive: A space to talk and learn about cloud technology

Cloud Hive Overview
Introducing Cloud Hive: A space to talk and learn about cloud technology

David Maddock from our Enterprise Cloud Services team explains how The Cloud Hive can help people in your organisation.

At Protiviti, we use cloud technology, and so do our clients. In order to assist all our teams to fully understand and exploit cloud technologies we have created a space to share ideas, develop skills, and have conversations about the cloud. This space is known as The Cloud Hive.

The Cloud Hive is designed to be a centre of excellence. It doesn’t have any responsibility for production workloads, but it’s a space where learning, ideas and knowledge come together. It’s a space where growth occurs from the bottom up rather than as a result of direction from the top.

The Cloud Hive covers three areas: cloud study club, cloud thought leadership and sales support.

A core element of the Cloud Hive is the cloud study club. This is born out of a military mantra that the ‘best battalions train themselves’. We don’t look for training outside the business, but we don’t rely on individuals to learn everything, either. At the study club, people learn about the cloud together: cloud architects can teach others and improve their knowledge too.

We run sessions at the start of the working day to avoid clashes with client work. We usually introduce part of the syllabus for a certificate. We discuss core technical concepts. As these sessions progress, they become less of a teaching space, and more of a discussion space. The group starts to tackle increasingly complex ideas.

In the past year, we have seen a 50 per cent increase in cloud certifications and accreditations, across our business. In a digital world, this technical knowledge of cloud is important: it helps our risk and controls team deliver more value; it helps our internal auditors deliver better audits; it helps our technology consultants share deeper knowledge; and it helps our cloud team develop their knowledge.

The Cloud Hive also curates thought leadership and helps us develop new solutions. From our client work, and ongoing market analysis, we believe that financial operations (FinOps) will be the next big talking point. Once companies move to the cloud, the change in IT spending can come as a shock. Look out for our thoughts on FinOps – coming soon.

Finally, the Cloud Hive can help business development professionals have better conversations with clients. We host regular Q&As and drop-in sessions for commercial teams.

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Helping your people to teach themselves is powerful. It builds high-performance cultures, supports the adoption of cloud technology, and helps to unlock the value it can bring.

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