Inspiring Speakers Summer Series: Being an Ally & a Friend (Week 6)

Inspiring Speakers Summer Series: Being an Ally & a Friend (Week 6)

Our Inspiring Speakers provides fresh perspectives from outside the formal business world to give new stimulus as we reframe our business challenges and priorities. Hearing new and unexpected insights from others can help us reimagine our businesses – and help us pick up the pace on the road to recovery. We hope these ‘out-of-the-box’ thinkers may just help us reimagine the future and inspire us with more confidence in this dynamic world.


Guest Speaker: Pips Bunce

Topic: Being an Ally & a Friend

Pips Bunce joins us to talk gender identity, the power of allies, intersectionality and the importance of authenticity in the workplace. Pips is a prolific public speaker, a regular panellist, presenter and media contributor having been awarded a position in the prestigious Financial Times/OUTStanding/Yahoo Finance LGBT and Ally Executive leader list and winning the Inspirational leader category as part of the British LGBT Awards.



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