Power & Utilities


Utilities, pipelines, and transmission companies are responsible for the movement of electricity, natural gas, crude oil, petroleum products and water from their sources to customers around the world. These capital-intensive companies are tasked with providing services to their customers at low cost, while maintaining near perfect records for reliability. 

Common risks these organisations tend to face include environmental health and safety, facility maintenance, capital project management and business continuity. For utility organisations that offer essential services such as power production, power and gas transmission and distribution, and other public services, having a strong crisis management and business continuity practice play a critical role. When a crisis occurs, reinstating service becomes the most important and immediate issue for the community.

Protiviti’s experienced professionals help utility, pipeline and transmission companies identify, measure, and manage their regulatory, financial, operational, and technology-related risks. Our energy professionals possess finance, technology, accounting and engineering backgrounds, and a wide range of industry experiences. We bring this expertise to your organisation through unmatched collaborating, creating custom solutions that fit you and help you to face the future with confidence.