Business Performance Improvement


Protiviti’s BPI service provides consulting to help organisations in business transformation. It offers services including;  strategy articulation and assurance, business and operating model design, solution identification and selection, business case formulation, programme design, assurance and turnaround, business resilience, people and organisational performance and technology transformation.


Our services are designed to respond to client challenges that include; risk and regulatory change, digital transformation, new product development and implementation, cost optimisation, back office and finance transformation and shared service creation, cultural and behavioural change and mergers and acquisitions.


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Protiviti Solutions Overview


We put the right people, processes and systems in place to manage large and complex projects and programmes efficiently and effectively, including services and capabilities related to: 

Organisational Strategy/Design

Re-design and transform organisational structure and operating model to enable streamlined and effectively designed roles.

Shared Services/Outsourcing Advisory

Consolidating and redesigning internal support services and functions to deliver the most cost-effective and high-quality service possible.

Change Management

Lead, manage and enable the organisation through the change journey with a structured and systematic approach that addresses people, technology.

Project Issue Management

Identify, review, assign and escalate issues as appropriate.  In addition, ensure appropriate documentation of issues and communication of status/resolution.

Project/Programme Management

Select appropriate tools, resources and people to plan and organise a project to execute on deliverables through a well-managed scope and schedule.  

Technology Enablement/Systems Implementation

Understand the Organisation’s needs and technology requirements to build and implement fit for purpose solutions leveraging industry-leading models.