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Five Perspectives on recovery and reimagining your business


Viewing your strategy through the lens of five critical dimensions will enable your organisation to reframe its future in a post-COVID-19 world.


Let’s Not Sleepwalk Back to the Past

What happens when your team switches to remote working overnight? Do you plan a return to the office, or develop a new way forward? In the first of five articles about opportunities arising from the coronavirus crisis, we explore how work could evolve.

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Collaboration, Innovation, and Inclusion: The Triple Bonus of Lockdown

What have we learned about operating a business during the pandemic? Well, alongside the challenges of juggling home and family life, there are some remarkable themes emerging that point to an interesting future.

Collaboration, Innovation, and Inclusion: The Triple Bonus of Lockdown


People will be at the Heart of Everything we do in Future

Businesses have moved quickly to safeguard their staff and communicate effectively during the coronavirus, but will these welcome trends last? In the third article in our series, which looks at the opportunities emerging from this crisis, we explore why these common-sense approaches are here to stay.

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Utopia is Only Five Years Away

Internal auditors have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to combine technology, new ways of working and the lessons learned from Wirecard. If they do, then a much brighter future awaits, and everyone will benefit.

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Pandemics and Climate Change: Let’s Reimagine the Way Companies Look at Risk

The final article in our series explores how businesses can change the way they view big risks and face the future with more confidence.

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The future of work: Clients can help shape the debate

In this article, the firm’s new global lead for the future of work outlines why his clients are at the centre of his vision.

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