Controls Transformation

Controls Transformation

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Controls Transformation


Our controls transformation solution is designed to assist organisations to rationalise and mature their existing internal control frameworks. To deliver enhanced business value by evaluating, redesigning, optimising, automating and outsourcing the monitoring of controls where relevant. We tailor our approach specifically for each clients specific circumstances. Our services are designed to suit the maturity, capacity and capabilities of the clients we serve.

We can assist your control transformation programme by:

  • Reviewing your risk and control matrices
  • Decreasing the control population by for example focusing on key controls, eliminating controls that are redundant and duplicate
  • Optimising controls effectiveness by moving wherever possible from manual to automated control
  • Automating controls testing and monitoring by leveraging technology such as RPA, AI, Machine Learning etc.
  • Reducing the cost of monitoring and testing controls through outsourcing and offshoring as appropriate