Protiviti South-East Asia Updates (December 2018)

Protiviti South East Asia Updates December 2018
Protiviti South-East Asia Updates (December 2018)

This past year, much has been written about the impact of technological advancements and digital transformation on the business world, impacting and/or disrupting organisations across all industries. As we look ahead to 2019, we can be certain that this trend will continue and even increase in scale and scope.

Are you still performing audits and reviews the same way as in previous years? Protiviti’s recently issued thought leadership on the future of the internal audit function titled “The Next Generation of Internal Auditing – Are You Ready? Catch the Innovation Wave” explores and discusses the new role that internal audit has to play in the digital world. On the back of this ongoing evolution, it is important for internal audit to move with the times and to adapt now, in order to be able to help manage risk and drive value in the future. Click here to learn more.

As technological innovations extend beyond the workplace and even mobile devices become targets for cyber attackers, it is worth taking steps to secure your device to better manage this threat. Our Information Security Specialist, Aleksandr Koniashev, offers some tips:


Points of View

  • The Next Generation of Internal Auditing – Are You Ready? Catch the Innovation Wave
  • Is Technical Debt Limiting Your Company’s Competitiveness? (Board Perspectives: Risk Oversight, Issue 109)
  • RPA Delivers Significant Benefits and Results – When Properly Managed
  • Going Digital? Make Data Strategy a Priority
  • The Cybersecurity Imperative: Managing Cyber Risks in a World of Rapid Digital Change
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    • Next Generation Internal Auditing: Addressing Risk in the Midst of Rapid Change
    • Ready for RPA? Five Implementation Risks to Keep in Mind
    • Why Organisations Should Consider a Cybersecurity Programme Office
    • Finance Trends: RPA Paves the Way for Process Improvement
    • Recognising the People Element in Data Security Implementations

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