Human Capital Reporting

Human Capital Reporting
Human Capital Reporting


Stay Ahead of the Curve

Are you ready for human capital reporting?

Human capital disclosures are continuously evolving and are garnering more attention from business leaders. A company’s intangible assets – which include human capital and culture – provide over half of a company’s market value. Yet many companies struggle with making direct links between human capital and organisational impact.

Human capital reporting uses analytical tools to measure the contribution of people to the success of the enterprise, as measured by sales, market share, margins, profitability and, ultimately, stakeholder value through market capitalisation. Using an analytical approach to human capital reporting improves an organisation’s ability to implement business strategies through their workforce.

Protiviti’s human capital consulting professionals specialise in implementation and conducting training on newly developed policies and procedures after putting a road map in place.

Our Workforce Enablement Model

Comply with emerging human capital disclosure requirements

Protiviti’s Human Capital team aligns with key stakeholders to establish direct links between human capital and organisational impact. Beginning with a foundational diagnostic, we develop the right human capital scorecard and reporting methodology to reflect the productivity of your workforce.

Through the use of leading practices, our professionals help:

Develop insights into what drives value, organisational culture, and people risk.
Define people’s competencies, capabilities and experiences as well as their motivations to innovate.
Ensure compliance with codes of ethics and internal policies.
Focus on return on investment for talent [ROIT].
Design the appropriate governance and human capital sustainability practices.
Expand internal/external reporting through workforce health metrics.