Model Risk Management Webinar – An Internal Audit Perspective

Model Risk Management Webinar – An Internal Audit Perspective

The focus of this session is to discuss the role of the three lines of defence within model risk management, with specific focus on Internal Audit. At a high level the learning objective are as follows:

  • Understanding Models
  • Discuss the importance of model risk management
  • Review best practices for model development, implementation and use
  • Review best practices for model validation
  • Understand the role of internal audit in model risk management

Protiviti Speakers

Avinash Voruganti, Associate Director, Protiviti
Avinash Voruganti
Avinash Voruganti is an Associate Director in Protiviti's Model Risk practice. He has conducted model risk and validation projects for multiple clients within the financial services industry. He has extensive experience in data analysis and risk modeling, including development, validation and auditing of loss forecasting, stress testing, capital planning, compliance, application and behavior models.
Ronita Dutta, Protiviti
Ronita Dutta

Ronita Dutta is the Financial Services Practice Lead for Protiviti Singapore, having moved from Protiviti London. Ronita’s experience is in Internal Audit, Financial Crime Compliance and Risk Management for multinational banks, asset managers and insurers where she has successfully managed projects for Protiviti over the past 10 years.

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25 Jul 2019
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