Data Governance

Data Governance

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Data Governance


Data governance is a set of processes ensuring critical data assets are defined and structure is in place for cleansing, storing and reporting data in a way that makes it easy for the business to own and identify variances in their mission-critical information. Protiviti’s SAP experts can help you navigate SAP governance solutions like SAP Master Data Governance, SAP® Information Steward and SAP Data Services to help you establish solid data warehousing, reporting, analysis, management, dashboards and scorecards so that you have the power to measure, improve and monitor your Organisation daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

From establishing program objectives, designating data stewards, designing data management functions and implementing data governance methods to execute the overall program strategy, our services provide you with a trusted data platform. You feel confident when performing key activities such as financial consolidation, new product introduction, supplier onboarding and more.

Our services include:

SAP Master Data Governance

We help you consolidate and govern your master data to ensure data quality and consistency across your Organisation. Using SAP Master Data Governance, we work with you to establish a collaborative workflow process that integrates business rules and subject matter expertise. Gain a single, trusted view of your data and address EIM and MDM challenges.

SAP Information Steward

With SAP® Information Steward software, we can help you improve collaboration among data analysts, data stewards, and IT staff. Equip them to understand, analyse, and quantify the impact of data – and data quality – on enterprise processes.

SAP Data Services

Let our experts show you how to transform your data into a trusted, ever-ready resource for business insight – and how to use it to streamline processes and maximise efficiency. Our solutions provide you with clear direction on discovering, cleansing and integrating your data platform. 

Agile Data Preparation 

SAP® Agile Data Preparation application provides self-service access to trusted data powered by SAP HANA. Quickly transform your data into actionable, easily consumable information. Our experts help you through the entire data prep process by data cleansing, enrichment, and blending from multiple data sources.

Smart Data Quality

Manage data quality issues across all domains and sources with SAP HANA Smart Data Quality (SDQ). With SDQ you are able to validate, standardise and cleanse your data in real-time in HANA. Our experts help to empower the business users to improve the quality of the data and provide accurate and reliable information to decision makers. 

Smart Data Integration 

SAP HANA Smart Data Integration allows you to move data across multiple sources and targets to satisfy the business needs. Its single user interface provides real-time replication into HANA that allows for operational views of the data. We help you acquire data from virtually any source to gain a complete view of your business.