Supply Chain


Supply chains have become increasingly complex as companies work to compete in today’s business environment. Continuous downward cost pressures and higher customer demands for quality, speed of delivery and overall performance require companies to continually identify opportunities to remain competitive. 

Organisations looking to improve business performance must address these supply chain challenges by designing and implementing capabilities that improve processes, reduce risk and optimise working capital. Meeting these challenges is essential for an organisation to thrive in today’s competitive business world.

To help organisations address these growing challenges and complexities, Protiviti’s supply chain experts work closely with key stakeholders to integrate industry best practises and tailor business solutions to meet the organisation’s needs. Our dynamic teams are uniquely structured to provide individualised approaches and tools to deliver sustainable and integrated supply chain solutions regardless of size, type or industry.

Why Protiviti

We take a holistic approach to managing the supply chain by assessing, designing, and implementing capabilities that improve processes, reduce risk, and optimise working capital. Our dynamic teams are uniquely structured to allow individualised approaches and tools to deliver sustainable supply chain practice and infrastructure regardless of size, type, or industry.

Individualised approach

As a global multi-services firm, we offer a unique resource model to each consulting engagement including experts with direct experience across a wide variety of industries. Each consulting solution is tailored and staffed to meet unique needs of each client - one size does not fit all!

Objectivity and independence

Our distinct market position as a firm, combined with the breadth of our experience, allows us to provide informed, objective and independent perspectives. We draw on our diverse global experience to offer you a knowledgeable and unbiased view of how best to achieve your strategic objectives.

Resource depth and flexibility

With an average tenure of 10+ years of supply chain experience across the team, together with our global footprint and strategic alliances, you can tap into resources not easily accessible otherwise. We are also uniquely positioned to leverage Robert Half and its vast network of professionals to meet the resource demands of even the most complicated projects with flexibility and the right blend of professional services.

Collaborative style

Protiviti experts partner with our clients at an unparalleled level. We not only listen to our clients but also ‘roll up our sleeves’ and work side by side, to enhance and protect their business.

Value-driven analytics

Our clients realise the greatest value when advanced analytics are combined with expertise to reveal key insights and potential value opportunities. Protiviti experts offer deep knowledge of data and advanced analytics along with supply chain knowledge to enable informed decision making that brings great value to the Organisation.