Cybersecurity Intelligence Response Center

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Cybersecurity Intelligence Response Center


A hacker’s motivation can be personal, political, criminal, financial, or purely opportunistic. Organisations relying on technology solely to deliver an effective security monitoring solution will find they fall short time and again when combating these intrusions.


IT security is like a chess game – and the IT department must be steps ahead of their cyber opponents, waiting and ready with an arsenal of technology, people, processes and prowess. To combat the onslaught of threats that surround business today, security professionals need to change the way they deliver protective services.


Protiviti’s IT Security professionals work with clients to drive large security endeavours successfully by focusing on people and processes aligned with risk. These are often the overlooked factors of success or failure in security operations. Protiviti’s clients understand the critical interaction among their technology, people and processes to enable them to map IT security to risk strategies more effectively.

Our solutions include:

Security Monitoring & Intelligence

Assessment and penetration testing have a key role in security, but they are always a snapshot of the situation when what you really need is ongoing insight. We create and mature a security monitoring program through developing process and technology that enables preventative and detective capabilities.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Technology

When issues arise, knowing they have happened is one thing, having a structured approach supported by technology is another. We deploy, enhance and fix solutions focusing on use cases to monitor your critical business functions and support regulatory compliance.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Training & Staffing

Maintaining and training a security team can be an expensive and daunting task for organisations. We provide training for your analysts and engineers to prevent exploitation and respond to intrusions.

Security Product Implementation

Many organisations have one or more security products in place, but many times are disappointed with the result. More technology does not always mean better. We deploy and tune various security technologies that enable preventative, detective and corrective security functions.