People Development

People Development
People Development


The business environment is evolving constantly – more dynamic, more demanding and more competitive. In order to deliver sustainable business results,  organisations need to ensure that their employees are staying abreast of the business demands, and becoming more competitive by adding knowledge, competencies and skills at the rate of changing business environment. 

Protiviti’s Human Capital Consulting experts provide talent solutions to enhance organisational performance by addressing skill gaps, building leadership pipelines and enhancing employee engagement. Our experienced consulting team can assist  in developing a Talent Strategy Roadmap that links exquisitely to the organisation’s strategic plan. In order to build the right talent at a faster pace, we design Technical and Behavioural Competency Frameworks, using Protiviti’s job allocation tool, that captures the key technical skills and behaviours that are required for delivering  organisation’s strategy. These frameworks are foundation for Talent Assessment, Coaching and Development.

Our best-in-class certified assessors conduct talent assessments to enable organisation to have a robust view of individual’s current talents and future potential through the use of standardised and validated assessment tools and techniques. These assessments provide business leaders and HR professionals with the key information that would help them in planning the Career Path of the employees in a way that adds greater value to the entire organisation. iSucceed is a program launched by Protiviti to enhance organisational performance through its Human Capital. The Program holds a suite of leading personality profiling tools used by more than 1,000 organisations and administered on more than 200,000 candidates every year.  

Through iSucceed program, Protiviti uses talent management methodologies and a combination of online tools to assess, measure and evaluate the talent and enable better decision making for organisations. The program also helps organisations to identify the right talent for the right job,  strengthen processes related to better talent decision making, realise full value spent on the development of high potentials and successors, guide employees to select the right career path to realise their career aspirations and build internal capacity by coaching talent to enhance their learning development. We also support the clients and individuals in developing Personal Development Plans for assessed employees to help in Training Needs Identification.  Succession Planning is another area where we support our clients by identifying internal talent as potential successors for critical positions and developing them through assessments, trainings and coaching which will lead to identifying leadership pipeline.

We assist our clients in designing a Performance Management system based on a Balanced Scorecard approach to track implementation of business strategy while cascading Key Performance Indicators to department, position and individual. The effective implementation of performance management system significantly improves the organisational performance.

We have experience of working across various industry domains including Energy and Utilities, Communications, Media & Technology, Financial Services, Industrial Products, Consumer, Products and Services; and Real Estate & Construction and across different regions on people development initiatives.

Our People Development solutions include:

  • Competency Framework
  • Talent Management & Leadership Development
  • Performance Management
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Career Development Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Engagement Programmes and Surveys
  • Training & Coaching