Enterprise Testing

Enterprise Testing
Enterprise Testing


We partner with your team to ensure your organisation maximises the value of information systems investments, while mitigating key risks related to quality assurance. We employ skilled individuals who are equipped to handle your testing, development and process challenges. This includes seasoned testers, engineers and management who have worked in a variety of settings and with a host of methodologies & tools. We have a seamless global operating model (70+ offices on five continents plus the expanded staffing resources of Robert Half) so we can quickly create dynamic, scalable teams of QA experts to meet your exact needs whether onsite, offshore or back-office, or blended.


Enterprise Testing

Service Offerings:

Assessment & Evaluation

We partner with business and technology executives to ensure their organisation’s quality assurance processes are aligned with business strategies, customer expectations, and compliance needs. We engage project members from every stage of the development lifecycle from idea inception to customer support and maintenance.

Execution & Delivery

We provide software development organisations the support in terms of: outsourcing of the QA function, providing staff augmentation on/off-shore for projects that have additional resource needs. The team will execute functional, integration, system & regression tests, delivering comprehensive results and performance metrics. 

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

We assist in establishing UAT programmes, test planning, documentation and execution. We partner to drive cost out of the UAT process. Using our risk based approach we can develop the right balance of work flow coverage, error cases, and usability checks. We can lead business stakeholders through a successful and efficient UAT process.

Test Automation

We work with our clients to automate the testing effort, leading to reduced costs, faster feedback loops, and increased confidence. We look for areas throughout the development lifecycle to automate processes and tests. We assist in building automation frameworks and suggest coverage and maintainability improvements.

Quality Performance Metrics & Reporting

We develop metrics and reporting programmes that provide insightful results to help you make process adjustments and program decisions. We want to help you answer questions like: How do our customers perceive our quality? What is the actual impact of a minor bug in production? Will an investment provide an acceptable Quality ROI?

Platform Testing Services

We assist IT departments with developing testing procedures for platform deployments and other internal collaboration systems. The Enterprise Testing Services group, in conjunction with the SharePoint Business Services group, has developed robust testing methodology for custom platforms implementations.