GRC Tool Selection Advisory

GRC Tool Selection Advisory
GRC Tool Selection Advisory


Are you ready to implement GRC technology? Do you have a strong foundational framework and a harmonised GRC program? Have you established short term and long term usage goals? How many assurance disciplines will be using the technology? Which GRC tool or tools should you use? Should you buy, build or take a best of breed approach to technology? How do you figure out what is right for you?


Answering these questions can be a daunting task. And expensive if you choose a tool that doesn’t meet the business requirements of your organisation and various stakeholders.  


How we help clients

We are more than just a technology vendor. Leveraging our risk and compliance consulting experience, our subject matter experts can help establish or ensure you have a transformational governance structure and strong business processes to support your GRC program; preparing you to make the most of your technology investment.  


You need to consider more than just functionality. Many tools offer similar features and during the RFP process most vendors can “check the box” for key capabilities. This makes it difficult to determine which tool really is the best fit.    


Utilising our proven software selection methodology, we’ll walk you through a three-step approach to highlight key areas of focus and ensure you are considering all of your business requirements when selecting the right GRC technology for you.  


Software Selection Methodology

GRC tool


Helping You Make the Right Choice

Unlike other GRC software vendors that sell and implement only their solution, our tool selection services will provide you the insight needed to take a Buy, Build or Best of Breed approach to GRC technology. 


GRC tool


Buy: Organisations may buy easy-to-use, non-technical, off-the-shelf tools to enable GRC programs for individual or synergistic departments. There are many choices including our analyst recognised Governance Portal, or other 3rd party GRC software tools. We can help you select and enable  the right solution. We have implemented the Governance Portal with over 450 clients. In addition, we have assisted clients with selection and implementation of other leading GRC platforms.


Build: For some clients, an agile, purpose-built application that allows them to leverage existing IT infrastructure, such as SharePoint, is the best approach. Our SharePoint Solution Accelerators allow clients to create custom applications for time-sensitive projects without large capital expenditure or to create enterprise solutions leveraged by multi-disciplinary GRC stakeholders. 


Best of Breed: There are many reasons that all stakeholders do not fit into a single application including lack of a corporate-wide mandate, non-harmonised frameworks, purpose-built features in one or more applications that best meet the requirements of individual stakeholders, etc. Where you are able to harmonise their data and processes into a single application, there are definitely benefits from a cost and efficiency perspective. But organisations are not well served to fit square pegs into round holes. We help clients understand how they can overlay existing IT infrastructure, such as MS SharePoint or BI tools, to drive enterprise workflow and reporting across multiple systems. 


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