Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management
Enterprise Risk Management


Too often risk is an afterthought to strategy setting and risk management is an appendage to performance management. Recent events have reminded management and directors that a comprehensive view of their risks is no longer a luxury, but a requirement, so that they can provide the appropriate incentives and controls to counter the potential for individuals to discount risks that are significant to their organisations.


Protiviti’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) professionals partner with management to ensure that risk is appropriately considered in the strategy-setting process and is integrated with performance management. We work with companies to design, implement and maintain effective capabilities to manage their most critical risks and address cultural and other organisational issues that can compromise those capabilities. We help them evaluate technology solutions for reliable monitoring and reporting, and implement new processes successfully over time.

Our services include:

Enterprise risk assessment

Here we help you identify the risks that really matter to the execution of your strategy

Performance and risk integrated management

Here we help you integrate risk with strategy setting and risk management with performance management